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Shot Of The Day

What is it?

The Shot Of The Day is simply a way for Kat to show off her stuff -- to the trade, to existing and potential clients, and to family and friends. It is the modern day version of an art gallery. There are hundreds of people who receive the Shot Of The Day by e-mail, and it is Kat’s single largest source of constructive criticism and new business. Want to be added? Just e-mail Kat from the Contact page.

Where is it?

The current Shot Of The Day is always on my home page and usually includes some description or a story. From the home page, you can navigate among the past Shots of the Day by clicking the "Previous" and "Next" links at the bottom of the image/story. If you want to select a specific Shot of the Day, you may use the Day by Day page.

What Do I Do With The Images?

Enjoy them. Critique them if you wish. Forward the email to your friends for their viewing pleasure. Invite them to join. But please remember that they are original works of art protected by copyright laws, and that they may not be used for any commercial purpose or any purpose other than individual viewing, without the permission of the artist.

Can I Buy an Image?

Of course! If you’re interested in purchasing an image or commissioning an art piece or project, feel free to use the e-mail form on the Contact page. For purchase inquiries, just let me know the name of the image, the size you would like, the media you want it printed on, and any other tidbits that would help me figure out what you have in mind. I will then call or send a formal quote.

What if I Want to Be Removed from the List?

If you receive the Shot of the Day by e-mail, and would rather not, just send me an e-mail with the word REMOVE in the subject line and you will be taken off the list immediately. No worries. No questions. No hassles. You can use the Contact page to do so.

How Much Does it Cost?

Nothing! It is free.

How Often Will it Come?

Approximately once every week or 10 days (depending on the flow of life!)

What Types of Images Are They?

I love to present themes and usually announce them at the beginning of a series. The images are all from my daily journey through life. Some are finished pieces for sale, some are digital images and some are images in the works. The selection is varied since variety is the spice of life! I hope you enjoy and share your constructive comments with me. It is how we all grow as artists and as humans!