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The Cuba Collection Now on Exhibit in Aventura

The Cuba Collection Now on Exhibit in Aventura

The Cuba Collection, containing 22 original images on wood blocks with a linear story line, will be on Exhibit during the summer of 2011 at the offices of Higer, Lichter and Givner in Aventura Florida. To visit the exhibit, please contact office administrator Michelle Casares at 305-933-9970.

The Barcelona Coffee Table Book Now Available

The Barcelona Coffee Table Book Now Available

Congratulations to the Barcelona Purpose Driven Photography Class for the release of Barcelona: An Awe Inspiring Place. The 260 page 13“x11” Coffee Table book contains nearly 600 images submitted by students in the class. This private release is available only to members of the International Association of Defense Counsel who sponsored this great adventure in Spain. Thank you to the IADC for thinking outside the legal box and to all my students who blew me away with your talent and creativity. Well done!

Next Speaking Engagement: K.I.S.S.

Next Speaking Engagement: K.I.S.S.

On December 14, 2010, Kat will be taking off her photography hat and putting on her women’s ministry hat for the 4th in the Keep it Simple Sister Series, Should I Kiss the Frog or Eat it; A Primer on Getting Unstuck for Women Only. To learn more, click here> K.I.S.S. on the Web

On Assignment in Barcelona with Kat

On Assignment in Barcelona with Kat

On July 11/14, 2010 Kat led a fearless group of 75 photographers though a crash course in Purpose Driven Photography in Barcelona, Spain. Each received a pre-release of her Purpose Driven Photography book and are now competing for the best shots in the 2010 Barcelona Coffee Table Book. Good luck team. “I learned as much from your insight, questions, observations and challenges than I pray you learned from me.” With gratitude to the International Association of Defense Council for inviting her to speak.

Book Release! Dreams Don't Have Legs

Book Release!  Dreams Don't Have Legs

It’s finally here! The best of Kat’s Shot of the Day in a stunning 13“x11” full color glossy coffee table book. To order your copy or to preview the first 15 pages, click here: Dreams Don’t Have Legs

Kat's Books Appear in July/Aug Edition of Great Output

Kat's Books Appear in July/Aug Edition of Great Output

The July/August Edition of Great Output Magazine features Kat’s Unibind book from her teaching series “Intensely Practical Digital Photography for the Everyday Joe” and her Cuba Book published by Blurb.com. The article celebrates book making opportunities for all who have the courage to try new and exciting avenues of publishing. Thank you to LexJet for staying on the cutting edge of great products for photographers, to Blurb.com for inventing incredible book publishing software that not only everybody can use but that also produces bookstore quality books and to Eileen Fritsch for being an amazing industry analyst with her hand on the pulse of what is really going on digitally.

Permanent Exhibit: Windows and Doors to the World

Permanent Exhibit: Windows and Doors to the World

The United States Federal Court for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit commissioned Kat to create 24 canvas pieces reflecting windows and doors throughout the world. The permanent exhibit adorns the hallways where visiting judges and many of the Eleventh Circuit judges have offices. Photos of doors and windows from all over the world by Judge Rosemary Barkett and Attorney Kat Silverglate [Ret.] have been artistically enhanced by Kat to create a rich colorful environment for the space. With enormous gratitude to Rosemary Barkett for contributing some spectacular images and to the Court and Judge Barkett for selecting Kat for the permanent display.

Lecture: What's Your Legacy?

Lecture: What's Your Legacy?

Location: Kendall Camera Club, March 27, 2008, 8 p.m. Theme: What’s Your Legacy. Description: You love photography. You aspire to produce great images. You study, search, experiment, stretch your ability, but to what end? Is it all about the perfect picture, the perfect edit, the perfect print? Is it about the money, awards or fame? What’s the point of your photography gift? At the end of your life, what will your legacy be? Join Kat as she takes you through the twists and turns of a photography journey that took a right turn toward these two questions — “is your photography purpose driven?” and “is perfection interfering with your ride?”

Book Release

Book Release

Kat’s book Hello Cuba was released in hard and soft bound version on December 19, 2007. To preview the book or to order your copy online, click on the “Books and Stuff” round button to the right or log on to Blurb.com and search “Cuba” in the travel section of the book store.

Lecture: Intensely Practical Digital Photography for the Everyday Joe

Lecture: Intensely Practical Digital Photography for the Everyday Joe

Location: Fairmont Orchid Hotel, the Big Island Hawaii, February 11, 2008 and The Greenbriar, West Virginia, July 5, 2008. Theme: Intensely Practical Digital Photography for the Everyday Joe. Description: this hands on 2 hour lecture takes photographers through basic composition, image management, editing and practical finished products that ANYBODY can do. Thank you to Blurb.com, The Slide Show Company, and Unibind for donating great products. Thank you to the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and LexJet for donating educational materials. And thank you to Jeanne Marchetti and the International Association of Defense Counsel for inviting me to speak.

Photocrylics® Part II: Walking the Journey Step by Step

Photocrylics® Part II: Walking the Journey Step by Step

The June/July edition of After Capture Magazine features Kat’s Photocrylics® process. Click on the title to view Photocrylics® Part II: Walking the Journey Step by Step. Photocrylics® is a registered trademark of Photos by Kat, Inc.

After Capture Magazine: Photocrylics® Part I

After Capture Magazine: Photocrylics® Part I

To view Kat’s latest inspirational piece in After Capture Magazine, a professional photography publication dedicated to everything that happens to your image after it is captured by your camera, click here: Old Dog Learns Life Changing Lesson from Winston Churchill: Photocrylics® Part I. Photocrylics® is a registered trademark of Photos by Kat, Inc.

Feature Article: The Forrest Gump of Digital

Feature Article: The Forrest Gump of Digital

A giant thank you to Bill Hurter, Skip Cohen and George Varanakis of Rangefinder Publications for tapping me to be on the inaugural writing team for the launch of After Capture Magazine. What a great adventure! To view a PDF of the feature titled, Selling the Product, Not the Print; An Accidental Lesson by the Forrest Gump of Digital click the title.

HP Pro Photo Blog Features Kat's Project for UM

HP Pro Photo Blog Features Kat's Project for UM

Many thanks to the folks at Hewlett Packard and to Eileen Fritch for featuring my University of Miami fabric banner project on HP’s Professional Photography Blog! To view the piece, called Thinking Outside the Frame, click the title. To view the entire “how-to” piece on Great Output Magazine’s Pro Photo Blog, called Creative Use of Wide-Format Printer, click the title. And please feel free to leave comments on either site. Manufacturers and Publishers truly want your input so they can create better products!

Photocrylics® Trademark Granted!

Photocrylics® Trademark Granted!

Photos by Kat is thrilled to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark office has granted it the sole rights to the Trademark Photocrylics.® We are thrilled! To learn more, contact Kat.

Rangefinder Magazine Annual Cookbook

Rangefinder Magazine Annual Cookbook

Kat’s image, “What Might Have Been” was selected in 2006 for Rangefinder Magazine’s Annual Cookbook. Rangefinder is about as good as it gets for a photographer! With gratitude to Michelle Perkins for writing a great article, to Eileen Fritich [Founding Editor, GO Magazine], and to Ashley Wood, Gene Lambert, Art Lambert, Tom Gruss and Camillia Mankovich [PDIA and Lexjet] for loving my photography enough to promote me in the digital output field. To download a PDF of the article, click here >>>RF Cookbook, April 2006

Speakers' Review: "Her delivery style was spellbinding!"

Speakers' Review:

Her delivery style was spellbinding. If you get a chance to see her speak live… don’t pass it up. You’ll come away a true believer in Silverglate’s ultimate message, ‘if I can do this, you can too!’ Editor’s Review of Kat’s lecture at Wedding & Portait Photographers International in Las Vegas. To view a PDF of the full review, click here >>> Great Output Magazine June 2006

Platform Speaker, International Photography Conference

Platform Speaker, International Photography Conference

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Trade Show, Las Vegas, April 9-11, 2006. On Monday, April 10, 2006 Kat presented a two hour lecture—Beyond Artistic Genius —at WPPI, an international photography convention which drew 9,000 visitors from around the world. “Teaching photographers and artists that marketing is about life, not about slick presentations or mass mailings, completes me as an artist. If you are not giving back to the trade, you are missing the heart of the artistic experience. This venue truly married my love of public speaking to my love of art and photograhy. I am so very grateful to the Professional Digital Imaging Association for sponsoring me and to Lexjet for making sure that I experienced Las Vegas in style.” More information is available.

Digital Printing All Star, GO Magazine May 2004

Digital Printing All Star, GO Magazine May 2004

In May 2004, the Professional Digital Imaging Association selected its first set of Digital All-Stars. Kat was one of four! “The true heroes of digital printing are the pioneering photographers who have mastered some of the intricacies of digital printing more or less on their own. They’ve seen the potential and sometimes have reached deep into their bank accounts to follow through with their vision. As you’ll see from the following four profiles…” For a PDF of GO Magazine’s All-Star Profile on Kat, click here >>>Great Output Magazine, May 2004, page 21

Solo Exhibit: Florida Supreme Court Rotunda Gallery

Solo Exhibit: Florida Supreme Court Rotunda Gallery

Florida Supreme Court: Reflections of Freedom: One Lawyer’s View from the Inside Out, Sept-Dec 2003, extended into 2004. With the record for the longest standing exhibit in the history of the Florida Supreme Court Art in the Court Program, Kat calls this the crown jewel of her collections. “Close to 15 years of lawyering and it took a paint brush to get me to the Supreme Court!” jokes Kat. Twenty-Eight of her Photocrylics® paintings graced both floors of the marble laden Rotunda Gallery telling stories of freedom with words and paintings. “It was truly the highlight of my artistic career — and a real testimony to the progress of digital output. I am so very grateful to the high court for bestowing such an honor upon me.” To view portions of the Freedom Exhibit, click here>>>Freedom Collection

Award, Finalist

Award, Finalist

Finalist: Coexistence, International Art Competition, Miami Florida 2003, “Hand in Hand,” a photograph of children’s hands in a soccer huddle, was awarded Finalist in Coexistence, an international art competion celebrating coexistence in our diverse society. The finalists appeared at two showcase events: ArtsAlive Miami, November 14, 2003 and ArtSouth, January 10, 2004.

Cover Article: How To Create Paintings From Inkjet Prints

Cover Article: How To Create Paintings From Inkjet Prints

The January 2005 cover of Great Output Magazine headlines Kat’s Photocrylics™ process. In This Issue: How To Create Paintings From Inkjet Prints. To learn more about Photocrylics™ and for a copy of the full feature article, contact Kat.

Cover Article: "High Court Opens Doors to Artists"

Cover Article:

“Every lawyer dreams of going all the way to the Supreme Court. But Florida lawyer Kat Silverglate arrived at Tallahassee’s stately halls of justice in a most creative way. ‘Fifteen years of interrogatories, trials, and briefs, and it took a paint brush to get me to the highest court of Florida,’ Silverglate quips….” To read the complete article, click here >>> Nov 1, 2003 Florida Bar News Cover Feature

Speaker: World Wide Web Event -- Sell the Product, Not the Print

Speaker: World Wide Web Event -- Sell the Product, Not the Print

Sell the Product, Not the Print: Wood Adhesion Photography™, Your Next Profit Center. Live web event, Tuesday, November 8, 2005 4 p.m EST. The Professional Digital Imaging Association sponsored this world wide live web event featuring artist and photographer Kat Silverglate. Kat showed the world how she put together an entire exhibit using her wood adhesion process and images from her recent photojournalistic tour of Cuba. Kat teaches artists how to mount and exhibit their work for a fraction of traditional framing costs. More importantly, Kat talks about the importance of telling a story with your work. “Pretty images may be saleable. But images that tell stories sell themselves.”

Inaugural Speaker: World Wide Web Event -- Print to Sell

Inaugural Speaker: World Wide Web Event -- Print to Sell

Print to Sell: Making and Marketing Your Prints for Maximum Profit, June 9, 2005. In early 2005, Kat was selected by the Professional Digital Imaging Association to launch the inaugual event for the organization’s E-volve learning series. The sold out event featured success stories from Kat’s trial and error foray into the world of art and photography. It was the simplicity of her story that the audience found so appealing. With her mantra — if I can do this, anybody can — Kat inspired others to follow their dreams and gave real examples of marketing techniques that allowed her to sell her work — whole collections of it — at such a very early stage in her artistic career. More information is available.

Feature Article: "Wide Format Imaging"

Feature Article:

“Katherine Silverglate, a retired Florida attorney and artist, believes that digital printing technologies are transforming graphic-based fine arts. The 40-year-old has perfected a unique painting technique that is a marriage of digital images and acrylic paint, and as a result, has seen her business blossom. Silverglate’s creative process is distinctive…” To read the complete article, click here >>> Web Feature, Wide Format Imaging