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Day by Day

The Day by Day section is the single best way to experience Kat’s artwork and to get to know the artist. As a writer and photographer, her art is as much about the words as it is about the images. In fact, as many people subscribe to her Shot of the Day for the stories, as they do for the pictures! Here’s how it works: Open any image on this page, and you can read the story while viewing the image. At the end of the story, you can click on the name of the previous/next image/story. By clicking on the name(s), you can walk through Kat’s journey one story at a time. As Kat is fond of saying, “Everybody loves stories. It’s how we relate. Connect. Inspire. What story will your life tell? What story will people tell about you? Only time will tell. Enjoy!

Promise you won't pet the lions -- Part 3

Promise you won't pet the lions -- Part 3

Posted: 1898 days ago

Promise you won't pet the lions -- Part 2

Promise you won't pet the lions -- Part 2

Posted: 1898 days ago

Promise you won't pet the lions -- Part 1

Promise you won't pet the lions -- Part 1

Posted: 1899 days ago

Africa: It Get's Under Your Skin

Africa: It Get's Under Your Skin

Posted: 1899 days ago

Mitzvah -- A Tribute to Gator [1999-2014]

Mitzvah -- A Tribute to Gator [1999-2014]

Posted: 2043 days ago

They let you know. Everybody says the same thing. They let you know when they’re ready. Ours has let us know, but not because he’s crawled into a corner and refused to come out, or because he’s…

The Sun 'll Come Up Tomorrow

The Sun 'll Come Up Tomorrow

Posted: 2263 days ago

They said it would. Everybody said it would. Oh, they didn’t use those exact words, but that was the gist of the message. The sun ‘ill come up tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar, come what may. It always…

It's OK to Miss the Snow

It's OK to Miss the Snow

Posted: 2331 days ago

What's Your Song?

What's Your Song?

Posted: 2439 days ago

“My sister draws because she has pictures inside her.  They just come out.  The process brings her joy and delights her because she can’t believe how…”

Still Waters Run Deep

Still Waters Run Deep

Posted: 2446 days ago

I don’t know where I was recently when someone said, ‘Who knew Lucy had all this going on inside her?” Lucy is a mom. She’s a daughter. She’s a wife. She’s a member of a church. She…

Word Clog

Word Clog

Posted: 2446 days ago

So I have an awkward admission. A strange secret. A dark corner that needs the healing that comes with the light of confession, followed perhaps by some type of penance?

Glass Blower

Glass Blower

Posted: 2615 days ago

“Spoons. Colored powder. Heating instruments. Standing in this little art district I’m taken aback by the collection on this little table in the dark corner of the shop. It almost looks like a movie scene where the prostitute…”



Posted: 2627 days ago

Note to my 18 Year Old Self

Note to my 18 Year Old Self

Posted: 2686 days ago

The Blended Road Smoothie

The Blended Road Smoothie

Posted: 2729 days ago

Ever have one of those seasons where you feel like someone dumped big chunks of life into a glass mixer and pressed blend? Big momentous things are happening so quickly that it finally dawns on you, despite your best efforts, you can’t slow down enough to process everything. It could be good stuff…

The God Miner's Daughter

The God Miner's Daughter

Posted: 2782 days ago

Nothing Stays the Same

Nothing Stays the Same

Posted: 2812 days ago

Ever have one of those seasons in your life where it feels like someone moved all the furniture in your house… while you were sleeping? One day everything is comfortable and invisible because…

Second Hand

Second Hand

Posted: 2887 days ago

I knew seventeen or so years ago when I took the picture of my son’s tiny hand next to ours that I would look back in amazement one day. Turns out, today just happened to be that day. The junior class ring ceremony had me behind the camera focusing in on Cameron’s hands. Only this time…

The Third Type of Person

The Third Type of Person

Posted: 2904 days ago

“There are only two types of people in the world Kat,” she said in her colorful native Brooklyn tongue while dramatically waiving two fingers close to the edge of my nose. Donna Goldberg, author of The Organized Student, was entertaining a group of us before her…

Change a Life, Throw a Brick!

Change a Life, Throw a Brick!

Posted: 2954 days ago

So my question this Christmas is this. Do you have any idea what a gift it is to receive gratitude? The gift of…

Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

Posted: 2956 days ago

I was standing at the podium before a somber silent audience slinging snot [my sister’s oh so colorful expression for that sloppy sob that tissues cannot contain] speaking about the impact he had made on the way I tell a story and on…

Tulips, Weeds and Chorus Lines

Tulips, Weeds and Chorus Lines

Posted: 2980 days ago

We are all attracted by something. Vibrant color. Electric personalities. Unusual perspectives. Natural disasters. Hard questions [that’s mine!]. Something takes our attention from the white noise of life and…

Life is Like Photography

Life is Like Photography

Posted: 3043 days ago

We stayed at an incredible hotel in Barcelona. Hotel Arts. Trying to photograph the physical structure was difficult because of its location and size compared to the other buildings…

Slow Down, School Zone

Slow Down, School Zone

Posted: 3047 days ago

I got a ticket yesterday. Going 29 in a 15 MPH school zone. School zone tickets aren’t cheap. This one is $305.00. Ouch! I’ve been driving for more than 30…

"If You Can" by Unknown

Posted: 3061 days ago

If you can start the day without caffeine,
If you can get going without pep pills,
If you can always be cheerful, ignoring…

Update on Gator the Wonder Dog

Update on Gator the Wonder Dog

Posted: 3062 days ago

We brought him home from the hospital last night. Cameron and I had to lift his 90 pounds of fur from the back of the SUV to the floor. While he…

The Comfort Marker

The Comfort Marker

Posted: 3064 days ago

OK, so I’ve had this thought for a long time but I’ve never been able to find the right words. Funny how tragedy brings perspective to an otherwise over-stimulated…

Announcing the Barcelona Coffee Table Book

Announcing the Barcelona Coffee Table Book

Posted: 3103 days ago

You Can Handle it Kid!

You Can Handle it Kid!

Posted: 3120 days ago

The Joy of Getting an F

The Joy of Getting an F

Posted: 3246 days ago

I had my third marathon experience this weekend — the Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. Inspired by the woman who helped me through my first half marathon [Carole Morris, officially my Marathon Angel and now 12 time finisher and mentor to others in half marathons across the country], I was there to pay it…

The Beauty in the Blur

The Beauty in the Blur

Posted: 3321 days ago

Looking back, the year feels like a blur. What did we do? Where did all that time go? The older we get, the faster the ride of life seems to go. And the rear view mirror? It’s a little blurry! I wonder sometimes, is the blur all bad? For years…

Olive God -- A Modern Day Parable for Timeless Thinkers

Olive God -- A Modern Day Parable for Timeless Thinkers

Posted: 3362 days ago

Should I Kiss the Frog or Eat it?

Should I Kiss the Frog or Eat it?

Posted: 3362 days ago

K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Sister

K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Sister

Posted: 3362 days ago

Life Outside the Plastic

Life Outside the Plastic

Posted: 3382 days ago

I go to the grocery store. I buy a Styrofoam black or white or green square curved at the edges so the fruit or meat or whatever “whole” food contained inside can be showcased. The fruit, held hostage …

Waiting, Obstacles & White Picket Fences

Waiting, Obstacles & White Picket Fences

Posted: 3443 days ago

My sister once told me that she waited to hang pictures on the walls of her home because she was certain that her situation was about to change. Well, not the totality of her situation. Just the parts she didn’t like so much. Her husband, whom she loves madly, had a secure job with benefits. She wasn’t waiting for that to change. She was…

Blinking in Spain

Blinking in Spain

Posted: 3470 days ago

I’ve always wanted to see this. My whole life. I’ve dreamed of standing before an endless field of flowers as far as the eye can see. I’ve examined pictures, lots of pictures, and often turned a hue of green that…

Spencer Silverglate's Book Release

Spencer Silverglate's Book Release

Posted: 3533 days ago

It's Not About the Bagels!

It's Not About the Bagels!

Posted: 3539 days ago

You'll Never Compete If You Don't Sign Up!

You'll Never Compete If You Don't Sign Up!

Posted: 3600 days ago

Marathons Have Very Little To Do With Running!

Marathons Have Very Little To Do With Running!

Posted: 3610 days ago



Posted: 3622 days ago

Hello. My name is Kat. And I am a recovering procrastinator. There, I’ve admitted it. Which, “they” say is the beginning of healing. Don’t worry, I won’t…

The Photo Album of Your Life

The Photo Album of Your Life

Posted: 3622 days ago

So I’m looking at a photo album. It’s usually sitting on a friend’s coffee table or shelf. It may be a wedding or a birth. A bar mitzvah or a vacation. Or maybe just a collection of family life. And I start to get lost in the apparent…



Posted: 3638 days ago

This is the oldest picture I have of my Grandma — Margaret Reeves Gallagher. She’s the little girl — next to her mother, my Great Grandmother. The image was in pretty bad shape when I got it. This is my best attempt at a restoration…

Lights On, Lights Off

Lights On, Lights Off

Posted: 3737 days ago

I had just seen this episode of America’s Funniest Videos. A baby, old enough to sit up on his own, was on the edge of the kitchen counter with his mother making sure he didn’t topple…

What ARE you waiting for?

What ARE you waiting for?

Posted: 3788 days ago

Yesterday was my 21/27! I know that sounds strange, but most married couples have one. A double celebration. Your wedding day [for us, 21 years ago] and the day you …

Life is Messy

Life is Messy

Posted: 3800 days ago

You have to crack some eggs to make an omelet. I don’t know who said it, but it’s so true. And such a beautiful capture of a phenomenon that adults forget as they grow older…

I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine

Posted: 3814 days ago

Ever see someone sing through a storm? A tragedy? The hard parts of life? I can only imagine what they have to sing about and whether I’d be singing in the same…

The Boomerang of Knowledge

The Boomerang of Knowledge

Posted: 3837 days ago

Have you ever inspired someone to do something only to realize that they understood the lesson on a deeper level than you ever had? They embraced your…

When it's all a Blur

When it's all a Blur

Posted: 3864 days ago

She said it with such clarity. Like she could see the experience unfolding before her. Like she could actually do it if she tried. She took a deep breath and started her tirade — “Is it all a blur

It's the

It's the "Boring" Little Things...

Posted: 3885 days ago

I’ve just seen the movie UP. The line that keeps swimming in my head was spoken by a little boy who had an absent father. He longs for…

To Own a Mom

To Own a Mom

Posted: 3905 days ago

In his book, To Own a Dragon, Don Miller compares having a father to owning a dragon. You see, for him, having a dad was as much a fairytale as dragons. He had read about what it would be like to have a..

To Own a Dragon

To Own a Dragon

Posted: 3907 days ago

I read a sentence this morning that stopped me. If I was a dog, I would say it jerked my chain. If I was a room, I would say you heard a pin fall on my floor. If I was E.F. Hutton, I would say someone could hear me because I whispered. The sentence was…

Who Made This?

Who Made This?

Posted: 3911 days ago

I have a friend who loves to cook. I mean, she LOVES it. She loves to make it taste good and she loves to make it look appealing to eat. She loves to cook for herself…

Streets of Gold

Streets of Gold

Posted: 3953 days ago

Growing up, my grandparents sang old spirituals to my sister and me. Not the kind of music you hear today. But the kind you might have heard slaves sing to bring them comfort in their plight or prisoners sing as they pounded railroad ties into…



Posted: 3980 days ago

The dog touches my cheek with his wet nose every morning at about 6 a.m. to let me know it’s time. Time to start his day. It used to annoy me. As he’s gotten older and a bit slower and I’ve read books and watched movies like Marley and Me and Old Yeller, I know I’ll miss this when

Living Like John

Living Like John

Posted: 4038 days ago

Kat's Coffee Table Book

Kat's Coffee Table Book

Posted: 4062 days ago

Going the Distance for Something Bigger than Me

Going the Distance for Something Bigger than Me

Posted: 4079 days ago

“In that season of my life, the things that I once dreaded, avoided and hated the most were the things I craved. Like exercise. I always had to…”

Leading by Standing Still?

Leading by Standing Still?

Posted: 4103 days ago

In the corner of an old building, long forgotten by the owner, stood a pair of black patent leather pumps. Who wore them? Where had they traveled? Why were they there? How long had they been frozen in

Facts Beyond Change

Facts Beyond Change

Posted: 4126 days ago

A marathon swimmer. My dad was a marathon swimmer. Not in a calm comfortable lap pool or a placid lake. He swam in the Atlantic Ocean in the tumult of the sea. Can you imagine being an ocean marathon …

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Posted: 4148 days ago

“Walking down the jet way at the airport on my way home from the funeral of a friend, I had this moment where I felt peaceful. I wasn’t thinking about what I was going to do…

Endurance, Quitting and Dips

Endurance, Quitting and Dips

Posted: 4169 days ago

Lance Armstrong, the king of endurance in so many ways, once said: “Pain is temporary. It may last a minute or an hour or a day or a year but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however…

Aim Small Miss Small

Aim Small Miss Small

Posted: 4177 days ago

“Boys, do you remember what I taught you about shooting?” Mel Gibson’s character asked his two very young sons before sending them into battle to…

Thrilled to Announce

Thrilled to Announce

Posted: 4195 days ago

Love Without Props

Love Without Props

Posted: 4204 days ago

Where did you say they were?” I asked the express shipping customer service representative with a bit of urgency in my tone. “Ohio” she boldly replied, as if this was some common…

Perfect is the Enemy of Finished

Perfect is the Enemy of Finished

Posted: 4225 days ago

Perfectionism is a curse. Some may try to spin it differently. And I can understand why. Spinning it is far easier than…



Posted: 4230 days ago

It’s a fascinating question — what’s non-negotiable in your life? I don’t remember who asked me this question recently, but the impact of it…

Between a Rock and a High Place

Between a Rock and a High Place

Posted: 4254 days ago

The expression, “between a rock and a hard place” is a strange one. Like most expressions, they roll

T.O.D.A.Y. Could Be a Symphony

T.O.D.A.Y. Could Be a Symphony

Posted: 4260 days ago

She was in a dangerous part of the country. Somewhere in South America. Poor drug addicted kids surrounded the car peering in for whatever they could steal…

Happy Father's Day Mom -- My Hat's Off To You

Happy Father's Day Mom -- My Hat's Off To You

Posted: 4272 days ago

A few years ago I learned that my older sister sends my mom a Father’s Day card on Mother’s Day.

Unedited Beauty in a Heavily Edited World

Unedited Beauty in a Heavily Edited World

Posted: 4281 days ago

This image is unedited. Just as it was captured by the lens. No cropping. No sharpening. No Photoshop. Not that there is anything wrong with…

Dead at 40, Buried at 85

Dead at 40, Buried at 85

Posted: 4289 days ago

I heard a great sermon that described most of humanity as dead at 40 and buried at 85. A world where…

Windows and Doors to the World

Windows and Doors to the World

Posted: 4303 days ago

Invisible Cows

Invisible Cows

Posted: 4308 days ago

So this pastor goes with a student to a farm. The family was very poor and when the father opened the door, the pastor asked how they were…

Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds

Posted: 4308 days ago

Asking the Right Question

Asking the Right Question

Posted: 4330 days ago

“Unless you ask the right question, Hawaiian people will generally not offer an answer,” declared the cultural expert. As I pondered this mystery, she…

Surprised By Life

Surprised By Life

Posted: 4338 days ago

Just about the first time you do anything, it has a sense of wonder to it. A moment where you are surprised by life. Where delight meets wonder and your breath is…



Posted: 4348 days ago

“Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at…



Posted: 4349 days ago

Mahalo, a Hawaiian expression of gratitude, has a deeper meaning to the natives. Broken down by an elder, Mahalo translates like this…

Blue Like Jazz

Blue Like Jazz

Posted: 4377 days ago

From the book, Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller: “I never liked jazz music because jazz music doesn’t resolve. But I was outside the Bagdad Theatre in Portland one night when I saw a man playing the saxophone. I stood there for fifteen minutes, and he never opened his eyes. After that, I liked jazz music…

Walk With Me...

Walk With Me...

Posted: 4393 days ago

Shoes, lots of shoes together like this, remind me that we’re not alone on this journey. How many shoes have traversed the earth? Walked a similar path? Seen similar…

Dreams Don't Have Legs!

Dreams Don't Have Legs!

Posted: 4402 days ago

My wish in 2008 is that life would become passionately practical for us all. Not that we would dream and never move forward in our desires but that we would give our dreams a vehicle in which to ride, legs on which to walk…

Book Release!

Book Release!

Posted: 4412 days ago

Dead Sea, Before and After

Dead Sea, Before and After

Posted: 4416 days ago

Learning Out Loud

Learning Out Loud

Posted: 4416 days ago

Kids have a funny way of making us think about bigger questions. Things that you’ve long since stopped trying to…



Posted: 4427 days ago

The World Between the Seconds

The World Between the Seconds

Posted: 4432 days ago

The Artist is Nothing Without...

The Artist is Nothing Without...

Posted: 4444 days ago

“The artist is nothing without the gift. But the gift is nothing without the work.” Emile Zola, who lived from 1840 to 1902, captured this…

Stopping to Ponder

Stopping to Ponder

Posted: 4453 days ago

We just rarely do. Stop to ponder the meaning of it all. In a foreign country where your senses are so elevated, it’s so much easier to see…

Rediscovering Wonder

Rediscovering Wonder

Posted: 4454 days ago

This man in Safed, an artist community in Israel and the home of Cabbala or Jewish mysticism, was lost in the act of noticing. Noticing the small…

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

Posted: 4460 days ago

As I photographed this stranger in Nazareth, I thought of those words my mom often lives…

Zippori Horse

Zippori Horse

Posted: 4463 days ago

This pony, over-layed with a screen of a famous mosaic of a woman, combines the ancient with today. Israel is so…

Our Greatest Fears

Our Greatest Fears

Posted: 4478 days ago

I’m not sure our greatest fear is that we will suffer, or even that we will die. I think man’s greatest fear is…

Everybody's Normal Until...

Everybody's Normal Until...

Posted: 4491 days ago

In his book, Everybody’s Normal Till You Get To Know Them, John Ortberg describes a society that has so isolated itself, so removed itself from accountability, so…

Standing on Glass

Standing on Glass

Posted: 4505 days ago

“There was something incredibly fragile about the Holy Land. Like standing on glass. Literally I stood on reinforced glass looking down at…”

Through His Eyes

Through His Eyes

Posted: 4517 days ago

For a life time, I’ve read stories of Moses and Abraham, Ruth and Esther, John and Jesus. My eyes seem to rush past words like Canaan, Dead Sea, Mt. Moriah, Capernaum, Galilee, Meggido, Tiberias, Gethsemane and the River Jordan as if they are parts of a distant fabled land made up to…

Off To Israel

Off To Israel

Posted: 4533 days ago

Live!  Before It's Too Late

Live! Before It's Too Late

Posted: 4538 days ago

Twain once said “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did…



Posted: 4540 days ago

I never noticed this. The word revolution contains the word LOVE spelled backwards. Love thy…

All of Us

All of Us

Posted: 4544 days ago

Just returning from a conference called Lead From Where You Are, I was moved beyond logic when I heard…



Posted: 4548 days ago

Lesson learned: sometimes to walk on water, you’ve got to get back INTO the boat after falling out into a Class 5 rapid! It helps to…

To What End?

To What End?

Posted: 4558 days ago

I love Steven Covey’s story about the man who is climbing like mad. Climbing, climbing, climbing with vigor and strength and skill. Tired sometimes and energized at others. And then

Gotta Fly Now

Gotta Fly Now

Posted: 4561 days ago

“Just start,” he said, with rugged firmness in his voice. “Don’t trouble shoot every negative scenario or you’ll be too afraid to get off the couch.” It was

Freedom: It Starts With the Soul

Freedom: It Starts With the Soul

Posted: 4582 days ago

Freedom must start with the soul. The essence of who we are. What we are sold out for. What we are living for. The things we choose…

Like Climbing Steps

Like Climbing Steps

Posted: 4584 days ago

“Like climbing steps” he’d say. “Life is like climbing steps.” You struggle and strain to get to the next step. And then…



Posted: 4592 days ago

Watching children play through the window on a wall at the Washington Holocaust Museum was a story in contradiction for me…

Don't Postpone Joy

Don't Postpone Joy

Posted: 4626 days ago

“Don’t Postpone Joy” the sign read. A simple sign in a remote location caught her attention and stopped her…



Posted: 4633 days ago

Nobody loves us like our mothers. Whether they are good at it or not, nobody gives us life like…

Goodnight Irene 1916-2007

Goodnight Irene 1916-2007

Posted: 4646 days ago

““Good night Irene,” I can still hear her sing in a comforting grandmotherly way. Now I’m singing it to her…

If You Want To Walk On Water

If You Want To Walk On Water

Posted: 4659 days ago

Author Unknown

Author Unknown

Posted: 4667 days ago

“Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in…

WPPI 2007

WPPI 2007

Posted: 4678 days ago

If you’ve never been to a photography trade show, you must go! Five days jammed with…

Live!  Don't Exist.

Live! Don't Exist.

Posted: 4686 days ago

“I would rather be ashes than dust. I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than…

The Law of Separation

The Law of Separation

Posted: 4688 days ago

“A wise man once told me that the world builds artificial walls around things to make them easier to learn. We teach…”

The Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge

Posted: 4688 days ago

“The more I know, the more I realize how much I don’t. ‘Why does the the street move Mommy? Is the moon…

Frictionless State

Frictionless State

Posted: 4701 days ago

“’“Rowers have a word for [a] frictionless state: SWING... ‘”

Summing Up Cuba

Summing Up Cuba

Posted: 4715 days ago

I can’t. There is no summary. There are just miles of contradictions and dichotomies…



Posted: 4716 days ago

“Don’t know this man. Saw him in a window in Cuba and snapped a shot. The light attracted me to him…

After Capture Magazine Launches!

After Capture Magazine Launches!

Posted: 4735 days ago

A giant thank you to Bill Hurter, Skip Cohen and George Varanakis of Rangefinder Publications for tapping me to be on the inaugural team to



Posted: 4736 days ago

“This collage of some of the masters’ work in Italy was designed with Photoshop CS2 and…”

Face Fear

Face Fear

Posted: 4738 days ago

“I had a mentor once who made me write the the following words and post them above my computer for daily viewing… “do it trembling if …”

Trademark Granted!

Trademark Granted!

Posted: 4748 days ago

“Photos by Kat is thrilled to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark office has granted…”

Finding Focus

Finding Focus

Posted: 4749 days ago

Resolutions done. Tree put away. School in force. The year still ripe with hope. Will the fog of routine blur…

2007 Wish

2007 Wish

Posted: 4765 days ago

“May thieves visit your every worry and bandits rob your troubles. May joy infect you right down to the…”

The Window We Leave Behind

The Window We Leave Behind

Posted: 4776 days ago

“Stained glass fascinates me. Little shattered pieces of glass. Broken. Some colorful, some drab. Seemingly useless in a…”

The Window We Leave Behind [edited]

The Window We Leave Behind [edited]

Posted: 4776 days ago

Stained glass fascinates me. Little shattered pieces of glass. Broken. Some colorful, some drab. Seemingly useless

God Don't Make No Junk

God Don't Make No Junk

Posted: 4788 days ago

“As the dramatist this past October for the Women of Joy conference in Ashville North Carolina, I witnessed something amazing. I saw…”

Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion

Posted: 4798 days ago

I love John Wesley’s words: “Set yourself on fire for the things you believe, and people will come from miles to watch you burn!”

The Great Artists

The Great Artists

Posted: 4813 days ago

“The great artists keep us from frozenness, from smugness, from thinking that the truth is in us, rather than in God… ”

Practice Does Not Make Perfect!

Practice Does Not Make Perfect!

Posted: 4821 days ago

“I want to eliminate the phrase “practice makes perfect” from the lexicon of my life! No, practice does not…”

Why I Don't Want To Be A Flamingo!

Why I Don't Want To Be A Flamingo!

Posted: 4828 days ago

“Flamingos don’t wear boots! I want to die with my boots on—riding rough on my horse, all out, breathless, surrounded by like-minded people who…”

Defrosting the World

Defrosting the World

Posted: 4840 days ago

“Viewing the reliefs and ancient ruins in Italy gives one a sense that the world is defrosting. From a cold hard block of…”



Posted: 4856 days ago

“The life of an artist will be reflected in the things he captures. For the capture is simply…”

Tis a Gift to be Simple

Tis a Gift to be Simple

Posted: 4876 days ago

“The song kept ringing in my head… “tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free, tis a gift to come…”

A City on a Hill

A City on a Hill

Posted: 4883 days ago

“You’ve seen pictures of it. A city etched into the side of a cliff. A cliff that plunges into the sea. Clouds that obscure the mountain …

Where's Kat?

Where's Kat?

Posted: 4889 days ago

“Every picture book of Venice has pictures in the rain. I didn’t really understand that until…”

Talent or Imagination?

Talent or Imagination?

Posted: 4892 days ago

“Is it that we don’t have that type of talent anymore”, my husband asked me? “Why don’t we see…

Leaving the Vatican

Leaving the Vatican

Posted: 4900 days ago

“They call it Vatican City for a reason! You’d have to live there to see it all. Every inch is adorned, etched, guilded or…”

The World's A Frame

The World's A Frame

Posted: 4904 days ago

“Simple lessons are the best. They penetrate right down to the fleshy portion of your brain. They resonate. They stick. Early in…”

Sleeping Gondolas

Sleeping Gondolas

Posted: 4907 days ago

“At the peak of summer, Venice was grossly crowded with tourists. On the third day, I realized that shooting before sunrise would be my only hope…”

Tasting Italy

Tasting Italy

Posted: 4913 days ago

“Tasting Italy was amazing! Everything was fresh, unpreserved and delicious. So trained to be carb conscious, I marveled at… ”

Renaissance Man

Renaissance Man

Posted: 4918 days ago

AN ADDITION TO THE FREEDOM COLLECTION: “Seem like a strange first image from our voyage to Italy? Not even a little bit! The Renaissance was about…”



Posted: 4938 days ago

“This recent large format project for a church reflects an image of adventure. [42” x 63” canvas banner]. The image was captured in…”

Face it

Face it

Posted: 4944 days ago

“I had to face it. She was right in front of me. And I was suddenly facing the irony of my recent visit to two impoversed countries….”

Freedom Rises

Freedom Rises

Posted: 4946 days ago

AN ADDITION TO THE FREEDOM COLLECTION: “No matter where you are in the world, children posess a natural freedom of spirit. A rising from their souls…”



Posted: 4962 days ago

100 Years

100 Years

Posted: 4989 days ago

FROM KAT’s FRANCE COLLECTION: “I recently fell in love with a song. It’s called 100 Years by Five for Fighting. It brilliantly captures the fleeting nature of…”

Deco Dreams

Deco Dreams

Posted: 5006 days ago

“Photos by Kat is thrilled to announce the completion of her collection—Deco Dreams. The collection is…”

Looking for Paradise

Looking for Paradise

Posted: 5014 days ago

“Ironic, isn’t it. We are always looking somewhere else for paradise. 30 miles away from…”

Chasing Dreams!

Chasing Dreams!

Posted: 5023 days ago

Chasing Dreams: “There are some places that just make you feel totally complete, whole and peaceful. This is it for me! Nestled in the Blueridge Mountains between…”

Rugged Individualism

Rugged Individualism

Posted: 5042 days ago

Georgia O’Keefe once said, “Art is not about learning how someone else does something. It’s about discovering what’s inside you…

What Might Have Been

What Might Have Been

Posted: 5056 days ago

Photos by Kat is thrilled to annouce that Kat’s image, What Might Have Been, has been selected by Rangefinder Magazine for its annual Cookbook! See the text of the article here

Eat That Frog!

Eat That Frog!

Posted: 5073 days ago

This image was inspired by my oldest sister who recently told me about the book “Eat That Frog!” Essentially, the book posits …



Posted: 5087 days ago

“Some projects are a total joy. From the shoot to the final piece, a total joy. This 48” x 42” Bat Mitzvah display was…”

The Defense Speaks

The Defense Speaks

Posted: 5106 days ago

As an artist, doing the cover of anything is exciting. Magazines. CD’s. Newsletters. But the king of all covers is the book…

Paris Flower Shop

Paris Flower Shop

Posted: 5112 days ago

“My brother-in-law gave us the gift of Paris when he moved there in 2002. Who could pass up the opportunity to “visit” [translation…”

Bread Man

Bread Man

Posted: 5122 days ago

THE REFLECTIONS COLLECTION: “Las Olas Boulevard truly mimics any quaint European town. On this day…”

Reflections of Miami

Reflections of Miami

Posted: 5126 days ago

FROM THE REFLECTIONS COLLECTION: “January is a great time to reflect—on the past year, on the coming year, on the important things we will…”

A Few of Our Favorite Things

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Posted: 5142 days ago

“It was an amazing year! Thank you from the bottom of my…”



Posted: 5155 days ago

FROM THE CUBA EXHIBIT: “In Cuba, it seemed as if somebody pressed a giant pause button and everything was put on hold…”

Raspberry Car

Raspberry Car

Posted: 5159 days ago

FROM THE CUBA EXHIBIT: “Watching a grown man see things and eat things he has never seen or eaten is indescribable…”



Posted: 5171 days ago

THE CUBA EXHIBIT: “The image of a bird soaring over the mountains of Cuba makes my heart thankful for…

The Artist Must...

The Artist Must...

Posted: 5175 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION: “Where does an artist go when she has to get it out on canvas but there isn’t enough money for food…

Simple Things

Simple Things

Posted: 5176 days ago

FROM THE CUBA EXHIBIT: “Last week I watched as a steady stream of water came in through the sky light in my kitchen. It was hard to be…

On the Horizon

On the Horizon

Posted: 5177 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION: “What’s on the horizon kid?” It’s a question I’ve heard a thousand times from…



Posted: 5185 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “I forget, how privileged we are to have the freedom to drive…



Posted: 5189 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “Cuban roots run deep. There is something about not being Cuban that…

Ration Cards

Ration Cards

Posted: 5196 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “As we work through the days after Hurricane Wilma we are learning…

Of Course

Of Course

Posted: 5201 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “My mind wandered to Cuba. Sometimes only a few hours of electricity…

Proud People

Proud People

Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “The Cuban people have little in the way of material things but…

Windows to the Soul

Windows to the Soul

Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “You can see eternity in some eyes…

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden

Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “In Western Cuba, this valley is famous for…

Looking for Havana

Looking for Havana

Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “You get a definite sense of searching…

Slice of Life

Slice of Life

Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “Children by nature know no boundaries…

Perspective Shift

Perspective Shift

Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “As I stood in front of this man, I had a flash back to my drive…



Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “The Cuban people are amazingly resilient. Always reaching…

What Might Have Been

What Might Have Been

Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “Havana is tragically beautiful…

Cuban Treasure

Cuban Treasure

Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “The locals call them Cacharros…

Resilient Heart

Resilient Heart

Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “How does one photograph a collective spirit…

The Don Quixote In All of Us!

The Don Quixote In All of Us!

Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “Nothing will stop the dreamer from dreaming…

Cigar Man

Cigar Man

Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “Tobacco is grown in abundance…

Hello Cuba

Hello Cuba

Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “I was blessed in September 2005 to visit the western tip of Cuba on a…

Hope Floats

Hope Floats

Posted: 5203 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “No matter where you go in the world, children find joy in…

Lasting Scents

Lasting Scents

Posted: 5204 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “The Cuban national flower, Mariposa, and the favored drink…

A Light in The Dark Ages

A Light in The Dark Ages

Posted: 5204 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “The phrase ‘the Dark Ages’ is most commonly known…

Precious Drops

Precious Drops

Posted: 5204 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… ”... it was the most satisfying hot bath I have ever had!”

The Dance of Chocolate

The Dance of Chocolate

Posted: 5210 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… ”... in my wildest dreams I could not have fathomed the utter joy a taste of chocolate can bring…”

Through the Barriers

Through the Barriers

Posted: 5212 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… ”... but the people seemed to see the openings rather than the blocks…”

Upside Down

Upside Down

Posted: 5215 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “Nothing is wasted here…”

The Shepherd

The Shepherd

Posted: 5216 days ago

FROM THE CUBA COLLECTION… “Many religions are practiced in Cuba, including…