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Kat Silverglate, Photographer and Artist

Kat Silverglate is a writer, speaker, artist and photographer who feels passionate about encouraging all who cross her path to ask the bigger, deeper, sometimes harder questions of life. Why are you here? At this particular point in history surrounded by the people in your circle of influence, why are you here? To what end were you given the gifts with which you are blessed, the prosperity you enjoy and the abilities you possess? For your own pleasure, comfort and ease? To merely survive this life journey? Or for something much more meaningful, adventurous and epic in scope? Through images, art, writing and speaking, Kat hopes to move us all beyond our personal comfort to risk using our gifts to change the world, and ironically, ourselves in the process.

Kat specializes in large format art and photography. Her images from all over the world have graced the halls and walls of court houses, office buildings, sky boxes, schools, private residences, restaurants, magazine covers, books and more.

Her techniques include Photocrylics® paintings, Wood Adhesion Photography, restorations, graphics for trials and traditional photography on canvas, wood, fabric, and more. Her 16.9 mega-pixel professional Canon digital camera will output life size images, enabling her to produce large format art pieces and prints directly from her original digital files.

To learn more about Kat and what she has done with her work, please visit our News & Events page.